Why should we seriously looking into owning a Singapore District 20 property?

I think it is important to know what is meant to live a comfortable and a stress free life.To my general understanding,it begins with a content,relaxed and a calm home.According to my research findings all this can be found in a New Launching of Condominium in Singapore.

New Launching Condominium is situated along Sing Ming Avenue in Singapore.This property is registered under the name of Nanshan Group and its development name is Thomson Impressions.The New Launching Condominium is estimated to cover an area of 113051 sqft.The site is deemed to yield 280 potential units.These apartments provides extraordinary quality services that is affordable to both low,middle and upper class people and yet fulfills their satisfaction.

Thomson Impressions is well connected with major aerial roads.Good examples of these roads that makes this to be real are;Upper Thomson Road and the Central Expressway (CTE) among other roads.In addition to the roads,Condominium is well linked with railways lines.All these transport network,facilitates the movement of people as well as goods and services from one point to another.This means that the dwellers are able to access their place of work with a lot of easier.

Another important point to be remembered about Thomson Impressions is that,it is situated near schools and other learning institutions.A spokesman of Thomson Impressions says,”Our apartments are convenient for future developments for families with school-going children because of many surrounding schools.”Among these schools are namely Ai Tong School, Bishan Park Secondary School and Anglo-Chinese School.All these schools are situated near the New Condominium Launch where children can access them with a lot of easier.

Another important and crucial advantage of the Thomson Impressions is the fact that,it has a very convenient access to MRT stations.This stations includes;CC16 Mary-mount MRT station,CC15 Bishan MRT station and NS17 Bishan MRT station which is located 2.22 Km from Condominium.All these stations makes Condominium an ideal place to live for any person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

It must also remembered that Thomson Impressions is massively equipped with recreational facilities that includes green spaces and recreational amenities such as Lower Peirce Reservoir and Bishan.Also of a great benefit to the dwellers of this apartment is the Singapore Island Country Club,which is strategically located.This club provides additional refreshment to those who live in Condominium. Find out more.

The saying,”Water is life.’Is very real in this apartments.One of the spokesman of Thomson Impression says,”The supply of clean water in our new apartments is constant throughout day and night and power blackout is a vocabulary.” This statement is made true with the placement of automatic power generators that supplements the electricity in case of power blackout or electricity faults thst msy be witnessed.

In a nutshell if i were you,looking for a place to settle,i was to go for the Thomson Impressions,because of its outstanding features and extraordinary services as well as its strategic position and yet affordable to every one.

Price list release will be end of this October 2015. Official site  http://www.thethomsonimpression.com.sg

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